What is Public Relations?

Public Relations can be defined in numerous ways.  Public Relations is also in itself, a number of different things.  Public Relations is maintaining communication between a company and its publics.

Public Relations is also in the business of cultivating good relationships with local press representatives as they are the ones trained to make the company look good and they are going to project that out to the public through the use of the local press.

Public Relations is being the face and voice of the company and representing them in the best light possible.

When an new company arises, it is Public Relation’s job to make the company known and  help people understand about the business.  It is their job to build relationships and develop a trust and familiarity with consumers.

Public Relations professionals basically make it easier for advertisers.  If people already know about and trust the business, advertisements can go further and people are more likely to remember the advertisement because they are already familiar with the product or whatever is being advertised.


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