Late Night Rant for an Innocent Intern

I just  read an article in Ragan’s PR Daily, by Christina Starr, a senior journalism major with a PR concentration at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In the article she describes some of the challenges she faced during her internship.

One that caught my attention was #3Maintaining a professional relationship with the opposite sex.”  The experience she had reminds me of typical media scrutiny of women.  It’s okay for a man to be 50 lbs overweight, but if a woman is slightly overweight, people tell her she’s fat.  If a man flirts with a woman, it’s obviously her fault…she brought it on herself.  At what point is it not the woman’s fault that she is being noticed by the male?  Is it a crime to be friendly or beautiful?  Okay, ladies! Now stop being friendly you don’t want the guys to get the wrong idea! can’t smile and be professional at the same time. While you’re at it quit wearing make up, what do you want…attention??



  1. I thought this was a very intriguing and spot on post. I think the accusations were worse in years past, but as the old dogs in the companies retire and younger and more open individuals fill these postitions, this type of thinking is becoming less prevalent.

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