PR – Nonprofit, Health, and Education

For my Public Relations Applications course we are doing group presentations on each of the chapters in our book THINK Public Relations.  My group is doing Chapter 18: Nonprofit, Health, and Education.

First I want to discuss the role of public relations in nonprofit, health, and education organizations.

Nonprofit organizations AKA not-for profit organizations or charities whose main interest is to serve the public interest.

By definition, they do not distribute monies to shareholders or owners.

They have to raise money to pay for their expenses In the U.S, nearly 2 million of these types of organizations

Approximately 7 million people work for not-for-profits/charities

Here’s a list of types of not-for-profit institutions:

  • Membership organizations
  • Advocacy groups
  • Social service organizations
  • Education organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Health agencies
  • Small city historical societies
  • Global foundations
A huge part of not-for profits is FUND-RAISING
  • highly developed
  • PR professionals may participate directly in fund-raising
  • Goal for fund-raising could be hundreds of small contributors or large corporate gift

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