I can’t believe it’s not a word…yet

An article from Ragan’s PR Daily “15 Words You Won’t Believe They Added to the Dictionary” By:
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Here’s a few of my favorites…

Blamestorming — n. A method of collectively finding one to blame for a mistake no one is willing to confess to.  Often occurs inthe form of a meeting of collegeagues at work, gathered to decide who is to blame for a screw up.

Gaydar — n. A homosexual person’s ability to identify another person as homosexual by interpreting subtle signals conveyed by their appearance, interest, etc.

Grrrl — n. A young woman regarded as independent and strong or aggressive, especially in her attitude to men or in her sexuality.

Threequel — n. The third film, book, event, etc. in a series; a second sequel.

Screenager — n. A person in their teens or twenties who has an aptitude for computers and the Internet.

Cyberslacking — v. Spending one’s employer’s Internet and email facilities for personal activities during working hours.

This cracked me up. I can’t believe these words made it in the dictionary. Way to go generation Y…Now I’m convinced that I can literally make up my own words and if people catch on to it, there’s a good chance it may become a real word.  I think it will be hard for now on to figure out what is really a word and what is not. LOL…


Spelled [el-oh-el or, often, lol]

laughing out loud; laugh out loud: used as a response to something funny or as a follow-up to something said only as a joke.


  1. Wow. Yeah I was talking to my family over thanksgiving break and we could not believe that boughtin was in the dictionary. I will never cease to be amazed at how much the English language is changing everyday into what we used to just call slang. I really had not heard of any of these words…

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