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Body Language

I just read this article in Regan’s PR Daily called “6 things you need to know about body language.”

It’s amazing how much our bodies “talk” and how little we know about what are bodies are saying.

One thing I found very interesting was that defensive body language actually affects the way we remember things.


4. When you’re defensive, you remember less. 

Allan and Barbara Pease, authors of “The Definitive Book of Body Language,” report a fascinating finding from one of their studies.

When a group of volunteers attended a lecture and sat with unfolded arms and legs, they remembered 38 percent more than a group that attended the same lecture and sat with folded arms and legs.

If you see your audience exhibiting defensive body language, change tactics—and don’t try to persuade them to your point-of-view until their body language opens up.


Bah, humbug!

Want to capture people’s attention? Just say something controversial and your bound to have  tons of publicity. Fox Chicago anchor Robin Robinson did just that by insisting “There. Is. No. Santa.” Now, good or bad, I think it’s pretty funny. It did get people talking and that was their intention.

Here’s the video:

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Tips for Public Speaking

Like to listen to 80’s music? Here are some great tips for public speaking that have a video to go with each one. I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Hope you enjoy them as well!

Tips for public speakers — from 1980’s pop music By: Brad Phillips