Social Media

Today, more than ever people are utilizing social media as a part of everyday life. Social media takes on many different forms. 23 Types of Social Media Sites. The social media that I utilize most often are:

1. Video Sharing. I absolutely love YouTube! I use this more than anything else.  It’s basically my “Google” for anything from “how-to’s” to recipes.  I like YouTube because it’s so popular. So many people are contributing and putting themselves out there that I can find pretty much anything that I need answers to. I also watch YouTube videos as a pass time. I watch videos on how to do different things like knitting, cooking, or fixing a car tire. There’s also great comedy videos, music videos, lectures, and movies.

2. Social Networking. Specifically, the platform I use is Facebook.  On a typical day, I might get on 3 to 4 times, depending on how busy I am.  This tends to be my least favorite because it can soak up a whole hour without me even noticing. And what did I do in that hour? ….Browse statuses, look at pictures, chat with people… I try to make a point now, to get on there to check my inbox, make a few legitimate connections with people and get off as soon as I find myself aimlessly scrolling through statuses.

3. Blogging. I also enjoy blogging. It’s probably one of my favorite thing to do because I like to express myself in writing and I love to see that non-journalistic type writing that just comes from the heart. I enjoy reading blogs on missions and travel. Once I get into my career, my goal is to really get serious about blogging and use it as part of a freelancing tool of some sort.

4. Podcasting. I started listening to podcasts when I stopped driving as much. Typically, in the mornings on my hour drive to school I would listen to a Joyce Meyer sermon or Chip Ingram sermon (those are just my favorite two, there’s plenty more) on the radio.  Now, since I’m at my computer or have my iPod, I can simply download a Joyce Meyer podcast or listen to a Chip Ingram podcast on my computer.



  1. Looks like you have all the bases covered and well on your way. Of course we all know social can be a time suck if you are not purposeful in what you are doing.

    The crazy thing is, when I got into twitter I thought it was supposed to be social. More people than not are using it for a business platform……….go figure, huh?

    Good luck with your class and your social journey.

    • Thanks Bill, and you’re right. Social media is all about using it not abusing it. Thanks for stopping by!

      Christina Miller

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