How Poynter Can Point You in the Right Direction

My Writing for Public Relations and Advertising (COMM4333) class does quite a bit with the Poynter website, specifically with the News University Courses (see also previous post).  However, there are several additional resources within Poynter along with the NewsU courses that you may find quite beneficial as you begin your career in public relations.

Poynter has the latest news as well as upcoming training and events which include webinars and online seminars.

If you’re not familiar with Poynter’s NewsUniversity, you should definitely check it out. Also see previous posts on my blog about some of the NewsU courses. NewsU has 40 self-directed courses, totally free yet completely worth the time. Not to mention Online Group Seminars, Webinars, Video Tutorials, and many others.

Poynter also has “How To’s”  for news gathering and storytelling, digital strategies, leadership and management and community engagement.  Poynter also has online chats that you can participate in.

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