Guest Blogger!

jennmbrowning is my guest blogger for the week. Enjoy!

Landing Your Dream Internship

October 7, 2011 by jennmbrowning

The PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society Association) shares some vital and appropriate information to every college student seeking an internship. It is important to know how to market yourself to potential bosses and companies. These tips to gain an awesome internship will “not only enhance your resume, but your carreer”. (PRSSA Blog) I feel it is important to start early in the game to be as professional as you can to gain highly respected and admired internships and carreers.The 10 Tips:1.Research the company you’re interested in

2. Networking

3.Write details about the person you have networked with on his/her business card

4.Start your internship search early

5.Make a list of Target Companies

6. Be yourself

7. Send a thank-you card

8. Have strong writing samples

9.Have your resume reviewed

10.Apply for numerous positions

 Thanks Jennifer!

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