New to public relations and working on building a network of professionals? Working on producing a story but don’t yet know any professionals in that particular field? Want to find the most knowledgable person on your topic to help you out? Not to worry HARO is your HERO!

What is HARO?

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a free website that allows journalists all around the world to request expert interview sources for the stories they want to produce.

HARO was developed by CEO and entrepreneur Peter Shankman and founded in 2008. It began with a simple Facebook page to help out his friends find sources. Today, it is a dream come true for communicators growing from a Facebook group with 1,200 followers, to a list of more than 56,000 email subscribers today becoming the most popular way for journalist to connect with professional sources.

How it works is this:

1. Go to helpareporter.com

2. Click on the Submit Queries button

3. Read the “How This Works” if you haven’t already.

4. Click on the Submit Query button on the right

5. Fill out the short one-page form with your information including your name, email, media outlet, target source, and due date.

6. Click Submit Query button

7. Your query will be sent to HARO’s mailing list and generally within 24 hours you will begin receiving pitches from suitable interview subjects on your topic.

Now sit back and be amazed.  HARO’s tagline, “Everyone is an Expert at Something” rings true. The great thing about HARO is that it takes the stress away from having to know everybody and having to already have all these connections set up in order to write a story that takes a good amount of research and professional interviews.  All that is right here at our fingertips.  Communicators helping communicators communicate well, and everyone contributing their best. That’s what I love about HARO!

How can you and your clients benefit from Help A Reporter Out (HARO) as a PR practitioner?

You can “like” HARO on Facebook and also find them on Twitter.


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