What is “Blog Scraping”

This week’s Topic of the Week is: Imagine you are working in public relations for an organization, and you discover that someone has scraped/copied content from your organization’s blog.  What approach would you take to remedy this situation?


Blog scraping is the act of “republishing” or copying content off of someone’s blog without consent.

The more popular your blog becomes, the more likely it is to get scraped. An example would be a business who owns a blog. If a company or individual who owns the blog is scraped, it can create many problems, not to mention be really frustrating when you spent hours creating a unique blog.

Some blog scrapers copy the content off your blog, others use an automated software that takes the content from your RSS feeds and post them as a new post on their site. (Hint: Don’t put the content in it’s entirety in the RSS feed). 


Kevin Muldoon gives 5 methods for “fighting back against the scrapers” in his article Don’t get stressed about blog scrapers stealing your content 

Some bloggers however have stopped blogging altogether and have started video-blogging (vloging) as you’ll see in this video.

Like any information that’s put on the web, it can be manipulated. Someone can take the voiceovers out of the video or just transcribe the worded content into a blog. It may not be the initial formatting but it’s still the same content, nevertheless. If this happened to me the last thing I want is to go on a hunting spree trying to find my content all over the web. That’s time I could be spending on my blog. Had it been for a company, I would say take legal precautions — write a letter to Google, write a letter to the site that’s scraping, anything I could to let them know I’m aware of their actions and to scare them away, and after that — The best thing is to be aware of blog scraping and take necessary precautions in order to prevent people from taking advantage of your hard earned work.  You’re not going to lose any money by someone scraping your blog most likely, but no one wants someone else to take credit for their work.


Happy Blogging!


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