Get Infographed!

What are infographics?

Infographics (aka information graphics) are an great way to visualize a complicated set of data quickly. For all of you visual learners out there, a list of numbers may not mean as much to you as say a graph or pie chart.

Infographics come in many shapes, sizes and designs.  I just love infographics because they are a quick and easy way to summarize the information and the content is more likely to stick if you actually see how the information plays out in the grand scheme of things. It is also much more esthetically pleasing when you have pictures and colors verses words and numbers.  I also find it much easier to remember information when I can associate it with a photo  or differentiate it between all the other information there with it.

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Mindflash-SocialMediaTraining copy-c5-thumb
As a public relations professional, one may use an infographic in a story for your client.  For instance, if your client was your school, you could make an infographic about males vs. females, how many students live and work on campus, or the number of students vs. faculty.  If you’re in public relations, there’s a high chance you’ll be making a lot of these. Infographs make your work more understandable as well as interesting to the general public.
People may not normally be interested in reading statistics, but when formatted into an interesting looking chart or graph, it’s much more likely to be noticed, or looked at and even read because of what it looks like.
It’s important to make your infographic stand out, easy to follow and to the point. Don’t make it too busy or messy where someone can’t tell what they’re reading.
If you’re interested in making a infographic here’s a great link to a video that shows you how to make one in Piktochart.
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