Advice for a PR student

As a PR student entering into college and beginning to take PR classes it was interesting to see how well I fit into my major. Although I have to admit sometimes I felt literally overwhelmed and felt like giving up (or at least taking a week long vacation) I know that this is the right direction. You see, I really enjoy the different aspects of social media not to mention being required to get on Facebook and Twitter during class. 😉 I loved learning how to utilize different communication tools. At first it can be overwhelming because some of it will of course be new and you’ll have to learn how to use it. Although the semester is coming to an end and my PR class will be over, my professor Barbara Nixon has taught me so much about public relations and has really encouraged me to love what I’m doing. I have never seen such drive and passion for public relations, social media, learning, and communication as I have with her. Thank you so much Barbara for everything you do!

Now for my top 10 tips for a PR student:

10. Research different social media outlets and see how you can use them together to make things easier. More does not have to mean more complicated or complex.

9. Learn from your classmates. The longer I am in school, the more I realize how different we all are as far as what we bring to the table. Don’t be so quick to offer your own answer as you are to hear from others and learn from them.

8. Don’t hold back because your answer is different. This goes for many things, not just PR. As I said previously, people bring things to the table, but you also have ideas and that will help others think more broadly.

7. Don’t let yourself get discouraged. Being a student can get stressful at times and doing social media stuff like blogging, tagging, commenting, and posting can sometimes feel like a pain when you’ve got tons of other assignments due. Don’t think this isn’t for you just because your stressed. If it’s something you enjoy doing, understand the time will come when it will be easier to manage.

6. Keep up with your blogs and assignments. I find everything easier to manage if I chip subtly away from the big items and attack the small ones.

5. Take your assignments seriously. Be responsible with your writing. Your future employers may be reading your blog.

4. Read your classmates blogs and other’s blogs. You never know what ideas you will get or how you will be inspired to write for your next blog.

3. Read ahead if at all possible. It will benefit you in class discussions and it shows the professor that you respect his/her class and you are willing to put in the effort. You’re only in school for a short time then all that learning is put to the real test.

2. Get a side PR job. The more you are in industry the more likely you are to pick up things which will help you that much more after graduation.

1. Enjoy what you do. PR is really an exciting, innovating career that can basically be what you make of it. Experiment, take risks, learn, and have fun.


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