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Here’s a list of comments I leave on my peer’s blogs in COMM4333.

10. Hello, Future Bloggers!  By Annalee Cole  April 14, 2012
This is a really great list of tips for bloggers. I was impressed with these very much. Basically to do everything you can to be involved and make the most of your blogging experience is what this is about. Blogging is an amazing opportunity to truly show and express your thoughts in such a manner that can really reach people and make a difference. I love blogging!!! Thanks for posting. :)
9. Twitter Chatting By: Cynflynn91, April 14, 2012
This is cool..I haven’t yet participated in a Twitter Chat, however, it sounds interesting.I think it would be intimidating, especially being a student and realizing I know very little about the PR industry still. – To ask questions, though, is how we learn and I think PR professionals also have a love for learning and communicating what they learn to other people. Great post. Thanks!
8. PR and Gendercide  By: seravirginia, April 14, 2012
Wow, thank you for writing this post. We take for granted life and freedom to have children here in America. What mothers would do to be able to have a girl– to keep their child. But they are forced to abandon their child. Here, people get rid of their babies because they are inconvenient. What can we do to stop this? What can we do to help save these little girls’ lives?
7. And the award goes to… By ertelg, April 14, 2012
Thanks ertelg for your post. I like what you wrote in the beginning — “Although some weeks are better than others, I try to keep up with reading some of my favorite blogs on a regular basis so I don’t lose my love for what I am pursuing.” I think this is an important concept to realize…that we can lose our motivation at times, but that that is okay and should be expected in order to not be discouraged. And beautiful blog by the way too!
Christina Miller
This is one thing I love about Pinterest is that it is different than Facebook and Twitter. I see it more like a vision board. Instead of seeing a picture you like or something and printing it out, just stick it on Pinterest. It’s so easy to pin things too. Yay for Pinterest. Thanks for posting!
5. Why podcasts are awesome, Jumping In:Melanie Shoults April 7, 2012
This is great! I listened to the same podcast and this was one of my favorite ones. Stever Robbins had some great advice, some of which I definitely will try to implement into my daily habits. Technology (emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can unintentionally take up a large amount of time. So it is important to be intentional and recognize if when our time is slowly dripping away from us. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed reading this!
4. Writing Your Own Introduction, Writing for PR Blog:  April 7, 2012
Great tips from Lisa B. Marshall! Building rapport helps connect the audience to the speaker and prepares them to listen. If they don’t know why or who they are listening to, it sometimes won’t matter what the speaker is saying. I also like the part of being open and conversational. Thanks for posting!

Christina Miller

3. Kisses from Katie, learning how to relate to the public…:seravirginia  February 5, 2012

Wow, thank you for posting. I went to her blog and I was captured at the first paragraph. This is awesome the way God is moving her and using her for his glory in this world and how much love she has in her heart.  I can’t imagine what kind of life she has that is so worth it because she’s living out the call of God on her life. I will definitely be revisiting this blog time and time again. Thank you so much. Can’t wait for her book to come out!

Christina Miller

2. i Wish this Writing style was Consistent., Trial & Error in PR:Mylon Bunce  February 5, 2012

I love writing but I haven’t used the AP Stylebook until just recently.  It’s a lot harder now to write freely. At least it will be until I master the AP style. For now I will just have to continue looking up everything. I actually like that it is much different because then it gives us something to master. Thanks for posting!

Christina Miller

1. From sweats to skirts, Jumping In:Melanie Shoults  February 5, 2012
I enjoyed reading your post. I dislike wearing heels as well. They look good but can be very uncomfortable and can just be a hassle if you’re not accustomed to wearing them. My advice for dressing professionally would be to wear things that cover and that aren’t too form-fitting (ladies). Thanks for posting!

Christina Miller