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Here’s a list of comments I leave on PR professional’s blogs

1. 10 content ideas that generate comments and shares, Gini Dietrich February 2012

This is great advice. I find that I like to read more if it’s a debate or if it’s some sort of list or ranked lists. If I get to the end of a blog and it had some rather good content AND it was enjoyable to read I am definitely inclined to leave a comment or join in on the conversation. Thanks for the advice!

2. 7 tips for managing negative comments online, Yvette Pistorio February 2012

Great article! This has a lot of good points in it. I think some customers may “attack” back online because of the way they feel they’ve been personally mistreated or misunderstood. They may also have a pre-conceived notion of what the blogger’s response to them may be. I think in that case it’s smart to roll with the punches. If someone seriously disagrees with you, ask them to share their thoughts and don’t just shut them down. Thanks for the article!

3. Nielsen: Millennials are now called Generation C, Kevin Allen March 2012

I wonder, what did marketers name the other generations? Our generation is one tough “cookie” (pun intended) to market to…there’s so many outlets.  No longer is there T.V., and radio…now there’s so many things and marketers now have a greater responsibility than ever. Their job is harder than ever.  And it’s not even all that will be out there. Every day ways of connecting and media is changing.  It’s exciting and nerve racking at the same time.  Thanks for posting.

4. 14 essentials for PR newbies, Amy Howell March 2012

Hi Amy! This is some of the best tips I have read on going into the PR industry.  I especially like the part about being dedicated to learning. Today we’re expected to begin working and already know how to do mostly everything. There is not nearly as much on-the-job training as there was 10 years ago. In order to get ahead we must take initiative to do more and learn as much as we can…for ourselves! Thanks for posting.

5. Quiz: Determine whether you have a ‘can do’ or ‘can’t do’ attitude, Lorra Brown April 17, 2012

Thank you for this. This is definitely a unique article. I have the same problems with classmates sometimes. It’s very bothersome to work with people with little or no drive at all, no motivation, and a “can’t do” attitude. That’s definitely one of my pet peeves. What can help change this lack of drive?

6. 4 places to find blogging inspiration, Mark Schaefer April 17, 2012

This is so true, and it’s basically all right here at our fingertips. In my PR class we just recently learned how to utilize the stats on our blog. I had no idea that it would give you the searched key words people did in order to find your blog. These are all really great tips! Thanks for posting.

7. Why 2 million brands should shutter their Facebook pages, Arik Hanson April 17, 2012

I think it should be all or nothing. Whenever I go on a fan page for an organization, it looks worse that they don’t keep it up than it does if they don’t have one at all. I agree that it’s better to shut them down. I think that is a large reason why people do not visit fan book pages on Facebook a lot because sadly the majority of them aren’t much of anything. Thanks for posting.

8. Live Conference Blog:35 quick tips for a powerful speech, Samantha Hosenkamp April 17, 2012

Wow, nice conglomeration of tips you have here. Thank you so much for putting this together. Simple, straightforward and easy things to implement into a presentation that will increase audience participation and attention.