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15. 10 tips for public speakers — from 1980s pop music, Brad Phillips — December 3, 2011


14. 50th Tweet Commemoration, BryannaKatelynn — December 3, 2011

These are great! My favorite –the “What are you doing” “Weirdo..”. That is hilarious! I want a Follow Jesus shirt too! It’s amazing how our generation is so into the tweeting and face booking…No generation before us has gone through this! Appreciate the humor. Thanks for posting Kate!


13. 9 tips for a successful Facebook presence, Jim Belosic — November 29, 2011

Very good points. About the allow prompts, that’s exactly what I think. My mind is on what’s going on with internet privacy and identity theft and I don’t really know what they are planning on doing with the information on my facebook, and it’s very personal. Most of the time I don’t know the business or whatever app it is requesting my information and I don’t think twice about clicking ‘dont allow’.  Thanks for posting!

12. Does the smiley face have a place in the PR workplace?, Arik Hanson — November 29,2011

I don’t believe it’s wise to include emoticons in emails to anyone higher up. Emoticons do seem fairly childish (also depending on the context), but can make the person seem less serious about their and less professional. If wanting to build relationships with equal counterparts, however, smilies are a familiar way to do so. Thanks for posting!


10. The Oxford Dictionary welcomes ‘kewl’, Meredith Coburn, Ragan’s PR Daily

Do other languages adopt words from pop culture the same way? I am part of this generation using these words as well.  I don’t think that this is a healthy thing do.  The reason language is becoming this way is because of text messaging, instant messaging, etc. My generation is becoming a generation that cannot spell and that no longer find it necessary to write grammatically correct.  Will this be incorporated into formal writing and become accepted? I sure hope not.

9. How to be a better interviewer, Brad Phillips, Ragan’s PR Daily — October 10, 2011
The purpose of an interview is to be all about that person for that time. Charlie Rose did a phenominal job in this interview. There’s a sense of selflessness about both of them. When Michael Crichton explains that his work does not come easy by natural abilities but that he works hard at what he does, Charlie does a great job in expounding on that but bringing out all the positives of what he was saying. Very encouraging guy.

8. “YouTube” CAN be a very useful PR device, JenmBrowning — October 10, 2011

I have to say I love YouTube!!! I think people definitely want to hear what “we the people” have to say and think on various issues along with voices in the mainstream media and this is a phenomenal source for that. Also, I was not aware of all the things YouTube was had available as for making videos until recently having to make a video for my Intro to Mass Comm. course. Thanks for posting!

Christina Miller

7. 12 Common Mistakes on brands’ Facebook pages, Justin Rondeau, Ragan’s PR Daily — October 8, 2011

I especially can relate to #1 Don’t Over-Post. I have “liked” some small businesses, because I really do. However, on facebook, repetition is not the key as it is on radio or television. If they repeat too much of the same things or become annoying, it’s not like a commercial that you have to see or hear. The person can just decide to never hear you again. So if we or businesses want to continue to be heard we do have to remember they choose to listen. Thanks for posting! Great tips.

Christina Miller

6. Journalist explains how PR pros should pitch using social media, Kevin Allen, Ragan’s PR Daily — October 8, 2011

That is so true! We were just talking about this in my Public Relations Applications class. We are learning how each medium can and should be utilized to be the best communicators possible. Email is definitely not the best way to go about getting information out quickly to large amounts of people. I’m thankful for twitter and facebook for making PR more exciting, quick, and fascinating. What a great way to learn. We have the world at our fingertips! Literally! Thanks for posting!!

Christina Miller

5. Landing Your Dream Internship, JenmBrowning — October 8, 2011

Great! I was just beginning to think about how to get started in preparing and looking for somewhere to do an internship. Definitely some helpful tips in here. I would definitely like to go to a a career fair and that was a good tip to remember, to research companies prior to going to speak with them. By being more knowledgeable about the company this could create questions for you to ask and open up doors for great conversation between you and the company reps. Being prepared could make the difference. Thanks for posting!!!

Christina Miller

4. How do journalists use social media?  PR pros, take note. , Ragan’s PR Daily — October 8, 2011

I just recently made a twitter account and I know I haven’t experienced all that can be done with and though it; However, Rebecca Jarvis certainly has found it useful in her career and I’m sure it would be equally or of even greater use in Public Relations.. I’m excited to get more accustomed to utilizing twitter as it may be the best way to build a foundation for a career. Thanks for posting!

Christina Miller

3. PR Firms Vs. PR Departments , Paul Hamilton — October 8, 2011

I would agree with you on that. Starting out in a PR firm would be more beneficial in the long run. Especially starting out it is important to develop more of a foundation than starting out making a higher salary but not being able to make as many contacts and develop as many skills. Great post!

Christina Miller

2. Don Imus “Nappy Headed hos”, Paul Hamilton — September 18, 2011

I agree with you. What he said was inexcusable and if he would get out on a limb and say something like that, then I doubt we wouldn’t hear it again, and next time maybe something even worse. They made a wise decision firing him. Although his listener base may have been quit big because of Imus’ personality, he had been warned several times and it had to end somewhere, because there it went to far.

1. FASHION EMERGENCY!, breannakatelynn — September 18, 2011

Great job on this blog! I was really impressed by it. The whole situation here seems to be coming from a company who could care less about anyone else. How rude is that to ignore calls..? Obviously they knew they made an unwise decision seeing that they were unwilling to defend themselves in the situation. They may have thought that no one deserved to be in their business but they shouldn’t be oblivious to what’s going on around them.